1. Is a fish seller?
  2. We do not sell fish directly, but connects fish sellers in Qatar to customers, based on their locality preferences.

  3. Who can register with
  4. Both customers and sellers can register with Users must be the residents of Qatar. To register, please enter your information and contact details in the prescribed form, and submit the information.

  5. Which all areas in Qatar will you deliver?
  6. We will deliver all over Qatar. To see the specific locations covered by us, visit our website.

  7. How will the delivery be handled?
  8. Delivery will be handled by the branded team. You can choose a delivery time based on your location, and we will deliver to your location in the agreed time slot.

  9. Will I get the order delivered to other locations than my home address?
  10. Yes, you will get your order delivered to any location within Qatar, based on your choice.

  11. What are the different platforms to order fish from
  12. You can order from our site Other platforms include android and iOS applications.

  13. What are the modes of payment?
  14. Customers can pay either by credit/debit cards or cash on delivery.

  15. What if my order is delayed?
  16. operates out of a carefully structured delivery policy, to avoid wrong transit of the order and possible delays. But in case if your delivery is lost or delayed, you will be refunded the amount. The refunds will be done through online coupons, which are system generated, and can be redeemed from our site for equal or greater than the original price for which the product was purchased.

  17. Do you clean fish?
  18. Yes, all the fish will be cleaned by us prior to the delivery. In some cases, after cleaning the fish, the exact weight may slightly differ from the one where sellers have handed it over to us. This difference won’t be accounted for in the final settlement between and the customer.

  19. How expensive is your products?
  20. We offer competitive prices to our customers. Moreover, ordering from us avoids the hassles of going to market, and hence saved time and cost.

  21. Will I get a confirmation notification for my order?
  22. Yes, when you confirm your order, we’ll send an e-mail to you with all the details of the order, including your invoice.

  23. Can I cancel my order?
  24. Yes, you can cancel your order within half an hour from placing the order.

  25. Is your price based on the weight of the quantity?
  26. Our base price is calculated on a per Kg basis, but the base price may vary depending on the availability.