Stingray / Thirandi

ستينغراي / ثيراندي

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  • Description

    Though stingray meat has no high nutritional profile, it consists of 20% protein. Despite its less popularity in terms of nutrition, stingray meat is often highly tasty, and if included in your dish, offers a treat for taste buds.

    Alternative Names
    തിരണ്ടി, Thirandi(India)
    Paging bulik, Pagi(Philippines)
    Pulli-thirukkai(Sri Lanka)
  • Product details
    Environment / Climate / Range Ecology:

    Indo-Pacific: Persian Gulf ; Red Sea to southern Africa and French Polynesia, north to Taiwan, south to Australia. Also in the Arafura Sea (Ref. 9819). Collected from the estuary of the River Ganges.This name has been used for a number of similar spotted species (Ref. 6871). Probably a species complex. Its identity has been confused in many publications and Micronesian specimens should be re-examined.

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